Why choose Relais Gourmet foie gras?

Do you think quantity is better than quality? Or its opposite?

For some years now, globalization has facilitated the production of Foie Gras in so-called “exotic” countries (notably Eastern European countries).

The result: a high production in more than questionable hygiene conditions. This production is not without danger for the consumer because of the lack of traceability of the foie gras!


In order to avoid this problem, Relais Gourmet, a gastronomic house located in the Basque Country, has committed to ensuring that the production of whole foies gras is 100% French (South-West) from the breeding of the ducks through the transformation process, to the complementary ingredients that accompany our Foies gras and other gourmet appetizers (whether it is foie gras with black truffle (Tuber Melanosporum), foie gras with Menton lemon or foie gras with Espelette chilli pepper, among others).


Our foies gras are made from the breed of ducks known as mulard, which produce a fine, tender, exquisite and tasty foie gras. This qualitative differentiation allows us to offer you superior quality Foies Gras, faithful to the traditional recipes renowned throughout the world.

We would also like to emphasize that our producer does not raise his ducks on a large scale. On the contrary, the ducks are raised in semi-freedom, free of stress, in the south of France. We guarantee a feed based on yellow corn and not on industrial flours!

We favour quality over quantity and we take care of the ducks’ well-being.


Once our ducks are processed for the elaboration of our Foie Gras, we do not add any type of coloring, preservatives or additives. In fact, in order to preserve the terrines over time, the only process they follow is boiling in water at exactly 72ºC. Therefore, we are able to say that we elaborate natural and quality products.

Integrity, honesty, quality and environmental sustainability are also part of the basic ingredients used in our foie gras.

Moreover, we offer a wide range of traditional products (such as foie gras with truffles), to the most original (such as foie gras with Tahitian vanilla).

We try to satisfy all types of tastes and palates. We are constantly working on new combinations of flavors to offer you, our customers, an explosion of gourmet flavors.  

Relais Gourmet, naturally French!

Relais Gourmet Quality Charter:

  • Rigorous selection of products in order to retain only the best. Our products are regularly tested and we work to create new products and flavors for consumers who are increasingly demanding in terms of quality and innovation.
  • Impeccable product quality. For this, we are committed to doing everything possible to meet our quality criteria (controlled feed based on GMO-free corn, duck breeding, etc.)
  • Respect for the provenance and names of the products.
  • Compliance with product hygiene and safety standards. The traceability of our products makes it possible to know the origin of their food and makes it possible to prevent all types of incidents.
  • Respect for the traditional recipes of our region. We take care of the bottling methodology and the respect of the ingredients in order to preserve the culinary tradition.

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