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Stuffed mushrooms

Duration: 30 min. For 4 people Difficulty: 1/5 Ingredients: 8 large-headed button mushrooms. 150g button mushrooms. 30g butter. 100g oyster mushrooms. 2 shallots. 2...

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Foie Gras y aperitivos Relais Gorumet

Crème brûlée with foie gras

Foie gras is not just for the holidays, you can eat it all year round even if it remains a luxury product. It can be highlighted through a crème brûlée,...

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Foie Gras y aperitivos Relais Gorumet

Profiteroles of Foie Gras

With the beautiful days coming, nothing better than a refreshing sweet and salty pleasure. Do you like foie gras and do you love ice cream? This recipe is made for...

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Foie Gras y aperitivos Relais Gorumet

Cheese-cakes with Foie Gras

200g bloc foie gras. 250g cottage cheese. 60g liquid cream. 2 eggs. Espelette chili pepper. 100g speculoos. 60g butter. 2 gelatine leaves. 250g fig jam. Boil the liquid cream with...

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