How to serve a good Foie Gras?

If foie gras is often reserved for special occasions, it is important to know how to serve it. Indeed, no matter what type of foie gras you have, there are a thousand and one ways to consume it. In case you would like to know what to serve your foie gras with, reading this article will help you.

What types of foie gras are commercially available?

Before looking at the different ways you can serve your foie gras, you need to be able to buy the right product for you. There are three main categories of foie gras today:

  • The whole foie gras (like the one offered by Relais Gourmet): Possessing a beautiful solid color as well as a taste that is different from the others, the whole foie gras is the product par excellence. It is obtained from several lobes;
  • Foie gras in pieces: With its color that is more marbled, the foie gras is the middle of the range. It is composed of several “remains” of lobes. It is not as tasty as the whole foie gras;
  • Block of foie gras: Prepared from pieces of liver that have been reconstituted, this product is the least expensive and the least good of the three. It has a smooth texture that will allow you to differentiate it very quickly.

If the block of foie gras can be considered low-end, it is still foie gras. Moreover, it is very often used in the preparation of toasts.

What to serve with foie gras?

When you want to serve foie gras, you have the choice of several accompaniments. Among them, you will find:


Very often neglected, the bread will allow you to take advantage of all the flavors that the foie gras offers you. Note that to enjoy your foie gras, the best is to opt for a rye bread. Fancy breads containing fruits or hazelnuts are also a good idea. Another alternative is to eat your foie gras with gingerbread. The combination of bread and foie gras will allow you to create a gourmet aperitif spread.

Confit, chutney or jam

One of the particularities of foie gras is that it allows you to make perfect sweet and salty combinations. You can serve it with onion confit or marmalade. When you have a preference for sweet and sour flavors, serving foie gras with a chutney is an excellent idea. Finally, it is important to know that some people like to eat foie gras with fruit pastes such as jam.

Dried or fresh fruit

Whether dried or fresh, opting for fruit will also allow you to bring out the unique taste of foie gras. A quality product will taste great with fruits such as grapes, figs, pear or apple pieces. In addition to fresh fruit, many foie gras enthusiasts like to enjoy it with dried fruit such as dried apricots, figs or prunes.

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