C as in Black Cherry

Do you like cherries? In jam, in a dessert or even plain to enjoy them with pleasure, the cherry is a fruit that many people love. The black cherry has a strong link with the Basque country!

Discover the Basque Country cherry

The Basque country cherry is grown in a fairly specific place: Itxassou. Its cultivation is therefore very old and this made it possible to supply many homes in the region for years. The black cherry could for example reach 300 tons of production per year. There are also three varieties of cherries in this region and we strongly advise you to discover them. Each year, the cherry is in the spotlight in Itxassou, during the summer period. Indeed, the cherry has a party just for her! Every year, the cherry festival takes place the first week of June in Itxassou. This is an unmissable event for all Basque cherry producers in the region. This day allows you to discover the cherry, its jams, and to participate in a large number of activities such as a game of pelota, a lively meal, dances etc. Of course, you won’t leave this party without buying some cherries and related products!

A successful cherry

This Basque cherry has been a great success for many years and this is not about to stop! You can discover 3 kinds of cherries in the region.

  • Peloa cherry: this fruit ripens at the end of May and the particularity is to have a delicious sweet taste. Very often used for jam.
  • The Xapata cherry: its color is yellow-orange and its taste is somewhat acidic which makes its tasting very pleasant.
  • ­The Beltza cherry: this variety is black in color and its Basque name says it all! Indeed this cherry is very small, it has a pleasant and delicate flavor that makes it ideal for making jam.

So do not hesitate to taste these 3 different varieties to discover new flavors.

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