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Biarritz is a beautiful seaside town located in the southwest of France, on the Basque coast. Popular with surfers, the city is also a must-see site in its region, due to its history and various events. As a warm, historic and sporty city, Biarritz attracts many visitors throughout the year.

A historical city…

The city of Biarritz is marked by a very rich history, which goes back to prehistoric times. It has passed through all eras: Antiquity, Middle Ages, modern times, French Revolution… Throughout the city, you can find vestiges of these past times and of its role of primary importance. If you visit it, you will be able to admire monuments and buildings from different periods, such as the Boulart Castle or the Palace Hotel. You can also visit the lighthouse of Biarritz and the famous Russian Church of the city.

…and rich in festivities!

Every year, Biarritz hosts a large number of events and celebrations, which make it dynamic and particularly attractive. From parties at the port to festivals and musical events, the city lives to the rhythm of festivals and lights. In summer, it attracts many visitors who are curious to discover its dynamism and the joie de vivre of its inhabitants.

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