C for basque Cake

Gâteau basque

Specialty of the Basque Country, the Basque cake is a sweet pastry emblematic, which is declined in different tastes. It is a greedy pastry, very attached to the Basque house, hence its nickname “the house cookie”.

The Basque cake

A true emblem of Basque gastronomy, the Basque cake is a great classic. Nowadays, it can be found in all supermarkets, but it never loses its origins. Round and golden, it is called “etxeko bixkotxa” in Basque. It is both crunchy and soft.

Its different tastes

Originally, the Basque cake could have multiple fillings, depending on the fruit available to the hostess who prepared it. Each housewife had a different recipe, which she would pass on orally to a daughter, a sister, etc. This Basque pastry is made up of a traditional base to which are added sugar, eggs, and a filling, often flavored. The common flavors are lemon, vanilla, rum and almond. The Basque cake includes a filling. Traditionally, this is a flavored custard or a black cherry filling.

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