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Relais Gourmet - Gastronomic house of the Basque Country

Created in 2004, Relais Gourmet is a Gastronomic House in the French Basque Country. Fully dedicated to gastronomu, we create high quality products (free from preservatives, additives or artificial coloring), with 100% of South-Western French ingredients. Since its creation, Relais Gourmet has researched ways to synergize the French Basque Country culinary tradition with innovation, to find delicious new tastes.

  • Our traditional Foie Gras (natural, with chili pepper, with Périgord black truffles) Truthful to the original recipe.
  • Our original Foie Gras (candied lemon, natural vanilla, Armagnac, apples ….) launched at the Paris International Agricultural Show (Salon de l’Agriculture in Paris)
  • Our gourmet appetizersspreadable and convivial because in the French Basque Country we think that conviviality is sacred!

You can take a look at our shop, or check our blog, where you will discover about the beautiful places and delicious recipes of our beloved Basque Country.

Please, feel free to contact us by email: yaqueche@relaisgourmet.com or by phone Agur !

Relais Gourmet in a few numbers:

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"We need to get together and share quality products in the pure tradition of the South West of France. With us, it's natural, it's convivial and it's sacred!"


Our values?

Whole duck Foie Gras 100% from the South-West of France

100% natural ingrdients of true French origin in all of our Foies Gras

Respect of the origin and designation of origin of the products.

Compliance with hygiene and product safety standards.

Respect for traditional recipes, but with a touch of innovation

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