Original Foie Gras

If you thought you knew everything about Foie Gras, get ready for a culinary experience that will redefine your expectations with Relais Gourmet’s original Foie Gras. Our collection of original Foies Gras has been meticulously designed to awaken your taste buds and take you on a unique gustatory journey. At Relais Gourmet, culinary innovation is our passion, and this is reflected in each of our products. Our selection brings an unforgettable taste experience that combines tradition and boldness. If you prefer a touch of sweetness, we offer Foies Gras with the freshness and sweetness of the fruit. Each bite is a perfect balance of sweet and savoury, an exquisite dance on your palate.

What makes our original Foies Gras even more special is that they are 100% French, with no additives, colourings or preservatives. We are proud to promote the quality and authenticity of French gastronomy.

This year, surprise yourself and your loved ones with an original Foie Gras!

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