Flavored Foie Gras

At Relais Gourmet, we strive to offer culinary novelties and now bring you Flavoured, Scented Foies Gras. Traditionally paired with flavoured drinks that offer a fruity touch, discover flavours such as Foie Gras with Porto or Armagnac, but also other delicious options such as Champagne, Sauternes and our latest addition, Sake. These unique creations perfectly combine the richness of the Foie Gras with the floral and slightly sweet subtleties of the flavoured drinks.

Each mouthful of our Scented Foie Gras reveals a mastery of craftsmanship, a quest for exquisite flavours and a constant desire to delight the taste buds. Discover this range, where each option is an invitation to a unique sensory journey! Enjoy the Relais Gourmet experience, where every bite is a celebration of French gastronomy at its best.

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