The tapas of San Sebastian

The tapas of San Sebastian are to the Spanish gastronomy what beef Bourguignon is to the French cuisine: a true popular legend. This recipe is a perfect example of the European gastronomic evolution. Indeed, cooking has become worldwide a cultural element that we cannot do without. Find out everything you need to know about this masterpiece to prepare it in your own way.

Various origins but a common fortune

The tapas come from three different legends. The first goes back to the Kings Catholics and tells that Fernando VII stopped at a restaurant while traveling to Cadiz in southern Spain. A glass of wine was served to him with a slice of cheese to replace the lid and protect the alcohol from external elements. Following this incident, wherever the king went, he asked for some food to be served with his wine.

The other origin is based on a story based on King Alfonso X the Wise who had to eat small portions of food after a disease, accompanied by wine. This system of nutrition pleased him so much that once cured, he asked the restorers of Castile to serve meals accompanied by wine.

A more popular legend is also related to the birth of tapas. According to it, the workers were obliged for economic reasons to break up their meal in small amounts of food to regain strength until dinner time.

A popular entry

By definition, tapas are a gastronomic emblem for Spain, but tapas of San Sebastian are a miniature that perfectly reflects the history and evolution of Spanish life. If the Pintxo, as it is also called, was at the beginning a piece of bread on which one could put any type of food and that a spade or toothpick served connected, things have evolved well today.

However, wherever you go in San Sebastian, the city is full of various recipes adapted to the neighbourhood. There’s nothing better to tour the restaurants of the city to taste these unique and hearty recipes to see the city differently and immerse into the realities of Spain.

A recipe explosion

If the tapas of San Sebastian have been open and diverse at the beginning, the revival of Spanish cuisine gave rise to significant changes. The tapas and their recipes have thus conquered the top chefs in the kitchen. They have not hesitated to test different types of mixtures to get bites always tastier.

The most famous tapas like the traditional Gilda with its blend of olive, anchovy and chilli have been revisited to offer an original snack that is highlighted by the wine. Everyone can create their own tapas recipe from San Sebastian to delight the taste buds of family members or friends. In summer, match it with a gazpacho to refresh yourself and enjoy a fresh and light entry.

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