S as Surf


It was in this coastal town that the first surfboard landed in 1956 during the shooting of the American film “The Sun also rises” directed by Henry King, but Biarritz is not the only surfing spot in the Basque Country. We also talk about Anglet, Bidart, Guethary and Hendaye on the French side, and San Sebastian, Mundaka, Sopelana, Zarautz and Punta Galea on the Spanish side.

Surfing, an activity thoroughly analyzed by scientists

This nautical activity is one of the most stylish. What’s more, it’s gaining momentum on an international level. It is the subject of the World Championship Tour (WCT) and many other types of competition. Not only is this sport becoming more diverse, but it is also gaining more and more fans. It is undoubtedly for these reasons and for many others that it interests scientists so much.

The “surf” lifestyle

The aqua-snowboarder or surfer equips himself with equipment, the main one being the board. The beginner follows courses. He learns about the world of the discipline. He informs himself about the equipment. He goes around the stores to get it. He is an ally of the weather, he regularly inquires about the weather, notably the wind strength, the swell height, the wave movement and the temperature. He keeps himself in shape. He is always looking for the best spots. This even leads him to travel, and travel means gastronomy.


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