Foie gras Sauternes


Whole duck foie gras with Sauternes

An explosion of sweetness …

A character Foie Gras married to the delicacy of a great wine?

A walk in the Bordeaux vineyards … ..

Ingredients: Duck foie gras (from France), Sauternes 2% (sulphites), sugar, salt and pepper.


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Taste the excellent Whole Duck Foie Gras with Sauternes!

This foie gras comes exclusively from French ducks fed yellow maize and raised outdoors in the south-west of France.

You will particularly appreciate

The natural preparation without preservatives
The absence of chemical additives
The final product guaranteed without dyes
100% French manufacturing
The superior quality of duck foie gras
Ancestral know-how that offers an incomparable taste
This whole foie gras is made from a whole raw liver and there is no mechanical intervention. It is simply seasoned with salt and pepper, then cooked in a stamen which gives it a taste so unique.

Guaranteed without preservatives, additives or dyes

Preservation: 3 years minimum (at room temperature)

Our Relais Gourmet tip
Keep your Foie Gras in a closet, cellar … at room temperature. Put the 1h before tasting it in the refrigerator so that it is firmer (by cons, once opened, you can keep it for 15 days in the fridge).

And to make a clean cut, dip the knife blade in hot water at each slice.

Accompanying tips

Bread: Serve it on warm gingerbread or grilled rustic bread. A delight not to be missed!

Wine: Champagne brut, Chablis or Sancerre to frame the pleasures

Foie Gras goes well with sweet flavors:

– apricot jams, ginger jam …
– chutney and confit of figs, apricot chutney
– fruit compote with apricot, apple …
– fresh fruit: fresh fig, fresh grapes, currants …

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