Jamon Serrano Reserva Extra – Pata Negra


Discover Jamon Serrano Reserva Extra Whole
Authentic Iberian cold meats

Handcrafted in the south of Spain, a land of climatic contrasts and a long tradition of Iberian pig farming.

Minimum weight: 6.8 kg

Price: 189 euros

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Discover our range of Iberian products selected by Relais Gourmet : Jamon Serrano Reserva Extra Whole

The Serrano Ham selected by Relais Gourmet is renowned for its tasty and juicy meat. The meat has shades ranging from pink to purplish red, and can sometimes show tyrosine crystals due to its long curing process. The fragrance is characteristic of the delicately dried meat.

In tapas, in omelettes, in paellas… there is no lack of occasions to savour this ham.


To make the most of the “best ham in the world” cured and dried for more than 24 months in natural “Secaderos” dryers:

Cut only the product to be eaten into fine petals.
Spread it out on a warm plate so that it oxygenates at room temperature so that its full aroma can develop.
Accompany it with a full-bodied red wine (a Bordeaux, Rioja or Ribera de Duero…) or a wine from Jérez.
No sacrilege: forget the cutlery …. It’s peckish!


Store in a dry place at a constant temperature. Ideal between 12 and 16°.
Preferably suspended or in a ham holder (roll it up in a cloth to keep it away from the light).
Once opened, the ham can be stored for 2 months, but it must be kept in a cool place.
Minimum weight: 6,8 kgs

Price: 189 euros

Weight 6.8 kg


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