Aperos Foie gras/Smoked duck


Quintessance foie gras and smoked duck

It is a gourmet appetizer combining freshness and flavor, history and character, grew independent from its Hispanicity, and was later enjoyed in Bayonne, Suances, Paris and New York.

No preservatives or additives and colorings

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Quintessance Foie gras and smoked duck: a night in Suancès

The sun beamed onto the walls all day, followed by the long awaited nightfall, which provides the coolness that is missing during the day. Las Tias Lopez, who lived in France, brought these tasty delights from the Southwest that their old friends from the Basque country prepared with love and care during the winter, using the methods passed down from their grandmothers, while respecting the tradition (no dyes, no preservatives, only the real thing!).

They are busy in the kitchen, laughing, remembering their youth, and already enjoying the effect they would have on their guests after spreading the blue and red striped white linen tablecloth on the sand, and a foie gras and smoked duck breast aperitif which they slice onto lightly toasted bread.

Then they serve the large salad: iceberg lettuce, mache and arugula, tomatoes, corn, asparagus, pine nuts, sprinkled with a mature red wine from Irouleguy (or Bordeaux) taken from their own cellar.

Weight : 6,35 oz

Conservation : 3 years

100% french, no preservatives or additives and colorings


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