Ametza Traditional Gourmet Assortment

Discover our Ametza assortment : 3 Duck Foie Gras with Truffle 200g + 1 Aperitif FREE

Taste our products 100% South-West of France and 100% preservative-free, without additives or colouring agents.

For real amateurs!

Our Duck Foie Gras comes exclusively from French ducks fed exclusively on yellow corn.

Net weight: 780 grams
Preservation: 3 years (at room temperature)


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Awaken your palate with the elegance of the truffle. Our Ametza Traditional Gourmet Assortment offers you 3 whole Foie Gras with Perigord Black Truffle and a free Gourmet Aperitif with Jurançon.

Ametza is the Basque name for the black oak of the Pyrenees, which evokes the forests where the black truffle (Tuber Melanosporum) is harvested and from which our delicious whole Foie Gras is made.

The Ametza Traditional Gourmet Assortment includes:

Total weight: 780 grams

Guaranteed without preservatives, additives or colorants.

Storage: 3 years minimum, at room temperature. Keep the product in a cool, dry place away from light (cupboard, pantry or larder). Store in the refrigerator after opening and consume preferably within 15 days.

Our Foie Gras tasting tips:

  • How to get the best texture in Foie Gras?:

To obtain the best texture for your Foie Gras, place it in the refrigerator one hour before serving. This will give the Foie Gras the ideal consistency for tasting. Allow it to cool for 5 to 10 minutes before serving.

  • Which bread to use with Foie Gras?:

Foie Gras has subtle flavours that can be hidden by very toasted breads. Our recommendation is to use simple flavoured breads such as peasant bread. Slightly fruity breads such as ginger can add an extra touch of flavour without overpowering the Foie Gras.

  • Which wine goes best with Foie Gras?:

The pairing of Foie Gras does not have just one correct answer. At Relais Gourmet, we recommend the following options:

    • Pairing Foie Gras with sweet wines:

Wines such as Muscatel or Malvasia, or the French Monbazillac, Jurançon, or late Alsace, are perfect accompaniments to Foie Gras. Their natural acidity helps to harmonise the combination and makes them easy to digest.

    • Pairing Foie Gras with dry white wines:

Instead of harmonising, the texture of wines such as the fruity Catalan Xarel-lo, or the French Condrieu or Crozes-Hermitage, generate an interesting and elegant contrast on the palate.

    • Pairing Foie Gras with Champagne:

Lightly vinous champagnes are a very successful combination with our Foie Gras. The bubbles lend lightness to the apéritif, while their smoothness helps to reinforce the gourmet subtlety of good Foie Gras. We especially recommend bottles made with Pinot Noir or bottles of cava, as they are less acidic than champagne made with Chardonnay.

    • Pairing Foie Gras with red wine:

In the south-east of France, it is not uncommon to combine Foie Gras with full-bodied red wines. Irouleguy, Cahors, Madiran or Bergerac are some good red wines that will reinforce its flavour with the subtlety of Foie Gras. In Spanish wines, a good red wine from Ribera del Duero is a safe bet. When pairing with red wine, it is especially recommended to use a very simple tasting bread.

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